Alex Hough

"I was a farmers daughter and grew up with horses. I went through the pony club route and had competed in eventing, dressage and even tetrathlon championships. I also evented to intermediate level and competed at PSG level in dressage.

Alongside my training as a physio (Alex is an equine physiotherapist, CSS) which has seen me naturally assessing client's horses and their saddles, now I have taken this as a foundation on which to build my knowledge further to look at problem-solving. With an entirely bespoke approach to saddle fitting, there have been lots to learn so shadowing the team has been an integral part of my training as has the numerous practical case studies I was given and worked with under the team's instruction and guidance.

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned both as a rider and a saddle fitter is 'BALANCE of horse and rider = LONGEVITY of career.' The thing I love most about the Childéric team and brand is their drive and passion to achieve perfection for both horse and rider."