Are you sitting comfortably?

Posted by admin on 20 June, 2013

fsp-saddle.jpgWhen it comes to your saddle, paramount attention should always be paid to the fit and ultimately the comfort of your horse, however if you are struggling to find a comfortable and secure position in the saddle as a rider, this too can have a detrimental effect on the partnership!

Fortunately Childéric Saddles continue to develop and create saddles, which ensure that neither rider nor horse are ever compromised and new for this season is the introduction of two innovative seats for the brand's show jumping and event saddles.

The new seats offer even closer contact with the horse, without compromising the horse's freedom of movement and both designs cater for rider conformation and personal tastes in true Childéric tradition. The FSP Seat offers a much flatter seat, whilst the FSC Seat is both deeper and softer than previous models.

A truly bespoke option, the seat is then built into a double or single flap saddle offering numerous individual design aspects, including different girth strap positions, refined panel shapes with no pressure points, bigger knee blocks, seat depths and sizes and even a clever airbag attachment on pommel, which offers style without disregarding safety.

So, for comfort and security in the saddle this season, choose Childéric.