Childéric saddles donate to charity

Posted by admin on 11 August, 2014

Childéric saddles donate to charity to aid saddle-related research

Childéric Saddles are passionate about horse welfare and as part of their commitment and drive for the benefit of horse welfare they are now offering anyone who has indirectly bought a second hand Childéric saddle (Not previously fitted by the team at Childeric UK) a saddle check and advice for a fee of £75.00 of which £35.00 of this will go directly to equine veterinary charity, the Animal Health Trust.

Drs Rachel Murray and Sue Dyson, of the Animal Health Trust, said:

"The Animal Health Trust (AHT) believes that correct saddle fit is crucial for equine welfare and optimal performance. It is critical that second hand saddles are fitted to the horse and rider. Fitting must be done by trained professionals who are familiar with the brand of saddle. At the AHT, we are actively involved in saddle-related research and donations to support this vital work are always welcome."

Dr Sue Dyson, Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the AHT's Equine Clinic, added:

"On a daily basis I see horses with back pain where an ill-fitting saddle has been a contributory factor. This clearly highlights the importance of saddle-fit in reducing poor performance problems.

"In addition to our clinsaddle-relasical findings, research we have recently undertaken* demonstrates that strong patterns exist between the occurrences of ill-fitting saddles and riders having back pain exacerbated by riding, and horses having minor thoracolumbar shape asymmetries."



Tricia Bracegirdle, Senior Saddle Technician for the French saddle brand echos Dr Murray and Dr Dysons' comments:

"As the second hand market place continues to grow, we need to ensure that these saddles fit the horses in order to avoid discomfort and muscle and nerve damage. It made sense for us to support this particularly charity owing to the valuable research they do in this area"

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