Childéric Saddles In The Ribbons!

Posted by admin on 10 March, 2014

Jennifer Johnston, Childéric ambassador and professional rider and trainer did incredibly well at the Scottish Regionals with three horses in ribbons:

MFS Calaina a 7yr old chestnut mare by MFS Vision (by Flemingh) won the Novice Open, the Novice Open Freestyle and the Elementary Open and was bred in Scotland by the Moray Firth Stud. Jennifer has owned her for just over 2 years after she came to Jennifer for schooling.

Donnergott  a 14 yr old Back Gelding by Donnersohn, was bred by Morgan Equine Stud in Wales and Jennifer has owned him since he was a foal. The partnership took the PSG Freestyle To Music Title.

Talking about the horses, Jennifer explains:

"I've taken Caliana very slowly as she is a hot headed, anxious but extremely talented mare. When she arrived, she was very grumpy about life, but we actually discovered that she had ulcers and so is on the right road now that they are treated.She is highly sensitive horse who would not tolerate being uncomfortable. She loves her Childéric xxxx and so by being completely comfortable in her saddle, she can work with the softness and relaxation I want from her"

"Donnergott (Ferdi) was the star of the show and loved every minute of his PSG freestyle performance. He loves to show off and so I'm looking forward to the gala performance that he's qualified to at Hartpury"

Jennifer's pupils also did very well - Keri and Jade. Both in Childéric!

Congratulations Jennifer!