Equal Opportunities

Posted by admin on 2 August, 2013


Childéric Saddles UK teamed up with Dr. Mark Blokland Chiropractor to the New Zealand Equestrian Team at Barbury Horse Trials recently to highlight the importance of correct rider alignment in the saddle.

Riders and visitors were invited to sit in a Childéric Saddle on the stand, whilst Mark assessed their alignment and explained how body imbalances can affect the horse’s muscle development and way of going. They were also advised on treatment and exercises to improve their symmetry. Using the Postural Analyser, he demonstrated exactly how much extra weight some riders were putting down one leg as oppose to the other and showed how ‘un-straight’ they were.

Mark, who has competed in Polo, chose to work with Childéric Saddles UK through recommendation, but it was his own personal experience of Tricia Bracegirdle, Senior Saddle Technician for the brand, which confirmed his decision, as he explains:

“Tricia fitted my daughter’s event saddle and the improvement in horse and rider was significant. I knew in order for this project to work, I had to find an expert and a great saddle brand and in Tricia and Childéric I found both. Riders tend to adopt bad posture over time often without realising and this unevenness is then transferred to the horse. Childéric saddles are a great starting point, as they are fitted to the horse in perfect balance and sit the rider in the correct position, but as this exercise has shown, no matter how good the saddle is fitted, we need to address the rider’s imbalances to ensure that both horse and rider can do the job easily and effectively”

Both companies plan to do future events, based on the overwhelming success of Barbury International Horse Trials.