Jock & Childéric make the perfect fit!

Posted by admin on 10 April, 2015

What do you get when you have a long legged event rider and a bespoke saddle brand? The perfect fit, that's what!

Childéric Saddles UK have worked with top eventer Jock Paget for the past 5 years and continue to develop their saddle design to embrace Jock's evolving needs and requirements and of course his anatomically long legs!

Tricia Bracegirdle, Senior Saddle Technician for the brand took the demo version of 'CFAP Event Saddle' and adapted it to offer Jock a totally balanced experience in the saddle and allow for his longer leg length, as she explains:

BEFORE The Childéric Demo Jump Saddle With Jock In Saddle

"In the 'standard' demo model, you can clearly see the way Jock's leg naturally lays, it falls over the knee roll which can encourage gripping and a sore knee, however after adapting the model, you can see that his position has changed and his knee is placed perfectly and free.Jock's balance isn't compromised and he is able to retain the perfect position easily and comfortably"

Jock In His Bespoke Jump Saddle Showing Freedom Around Knee

Jock explains:

"As a rider you need to feel secure without restriction and this saddle gives me the freedom to adopt different positions without upsetting the horse's rhythm or balance and the confidence to concentrate on the job without distraction"

Jock Paget in action in his finished saddle! Photo by Libby Law


Childéric Saddles – Revolutionising your ride! RRP: £3,600 ('Lite' weight version also available £4,000.00)