Posted by admin on 16 May, 2014

New From Childéric UK

When it comes to combining perfection with performance, this new breastplate from Childéric UK has been designed to compliment and assist any well fitting saddle.

Created by Childéric UK's senior Saddle Technician Tricia Bracegirdle, the idea behind the NEW Childéric UK Breastplate comes from Tricia's wealth of experience drawn from years of checking and fitting saddles, which very often not only resulted in the breastplate being refitted, but in some cases actually being removed due to bad design! Tricia wanted to create a breastplate that rivalled anything else on the marketplace and embraced the synergy between both the saddle and associated accessories.

The breastplate is functionally styled, with attention to detail paid to the craftmanship, anatomical fit and purposefulness. This stunning breastplate is made from top quality leather and helps prevent the saddle from naturally moving back. This not only helps improve stability for the rider in the saddle, but reduces movement across the horse's back.



Finished with smart stainless steel buckles, buckle martingale attachment and elasticated inserts, this breastplate also comes with full fitting instructions including a handy saddle problem solving section too! Childéric Saddles and their accessories are the choice of top riders worldwide including UK eventers Gemma Tattersall and Caroline Powell. Colours: Black, Master & Irish Sizes: medium or bespoke RRP: £170.00 e