Posted by admin on 13 March, 2015

With the celebrity trend for parent and child matching attire continuing, Childéric Saddles bring you more than just a passing fad with their expanding 'Pony Collection'.

Just as their adult saddle collection is created around Childéric's unique tree technology, the Childéric Pony Saddle Collection not only pays considerable attention to freedom of movement and comfort of the pony; thanks to it's anatomically shaped panels and carefully positioned points, but is built completely to the pony and rider's requirements.

Each saddle offers the ultimate bespoke experience and ensures that every aspect of your child's saddle is adjusted and tailored to accommodate their needs from the smallest and tallest of riders.

From numerous seat and saddle block options through to fashion styling on the exterior, the Childéric Pony Collection, brings together outstanding craftsmanship with styling for saddles which are always 'on trend' from advocates of 'mini-me' or for those who wish to express their individuality!

Seat Sizes Start At: 15.5" Tree Widths: Bespoke Colours: Black, Master & Irish. Calf or Buffalo RRP: Prices start at £3,200. The Childéric Pony Dressage Saddle is part of the growing pony collection across all disciplines.