'A Neat Bit Of Kit'

Posted by admin on 29 March, 2016


Tika’s new Hidez compression suit arrived at the end of February, sponsored by Childeric UK. It’s an amazing bit of kit, having worn compression suits myself at times I have realised that it really helps with my mobility – so we thought if it’s good enough for me surely it’s good enough for Tika!

Compression garments have been found to be hugely beneficial to human athletes and these equine versions are innovative-engineered garments, using revolutionary technologies to construct the suits. Scientifically engineered fabric is cut (into panels) in specific ways, and then the strategically placed panels are sewn together to focus on certain muscle groups. This process enhances blood flow and oxygen availability to the horse’s muscles and speeds up the removal of waste products (e.g. lactic acids and carbon dioxide) for vital blood supplies. Good healthy blood supplies recover injuries faster, help prevent injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and reduces muscle fatigue by flushing out bad blood helping to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

The suit goes on after training and during travel to compress the muscles, improving blood supply and so reducing muscle fatigue and injury. The system of zips ensures that the suit is easy to put on and take off, and Tika seems really relaxed while she is wearing it. Once again thank you to Tricia and the team at Childeric for supporting us with such an advanced piece of kit that we are already feeling the benefit of.

At the beginning of March we had the exciting news that the FEI has confirmed a fifth place for Team GB in the Para Dressage in Rio – 4 team riders and an individual spot.  This is a really great move for the British as we have so many fantastic riders; the selection process is going to be very close. September is starting to feel as it is creeping closer and closer… 

Last weekend we had the Para Dressage Championships at Vale View, and it was hotly contested with not even 1% between the top 3 riders. I was delighted to take 3rd with Tika, and Star (my new LJT ride) produced a solid performance too. As if that wasn’t enough, we headed straight to the Unicorn Trust afterwards for Team GB squad training.  It was easier to travel straight to the Unicorn Trust in Glos, rather than go home and then reload the lorry and horses. It really was a road trip and a half, we were away for 6 days complete with our yard mascot “ Elle, the elephant.

It’s inspiring and humbling to have such great support from the best trainers, physios, vets and farriers in the country – thanks to UK Sport and the National Lottery funding. It’s proving to be an amazing journey and I’m enjoying every step!