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Posted by admin on 2 May, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Sorry to have not updated you for a while but it's been a pretty challenging few weeks as the 'Leo Pony Rollercoaster' continues !!
A few days after Myerscough Leo's swelling on his hock returned he appeared happy and sound but with a swelling we just couldn't explain so various vet checks followed and with simply brilliant support from the Team GB Pony Squad Vet Rob Oulton, we found ourselves at Newmarket Equine Hospital seeing one of the worlds leading hock specialists, vet Ian Wright and his team.

The tests established that Leo's antics on the day before Addington had created a trauma injury that required surgery, there was no other option for his welfare if in the longer term Leo was to be able to heal properly. On a positive note I can report surgery went really well and the vets believe there is no reason Leo should not make a full recovery. Leo is recovering well and starts ridden work in two weeks time. Judging by how he has been with his in hand walking, I have a feeling I may be learning the art of Piaffe simultaneously sounding like a fire breathing dragon whilst attempting to keep him at walk #couldbechallenging!!


While I have been unable to ride Leo , I am extremely lucky to be offered the ride on the very lovely Dumbledore D ( aka Albi) by the Smockum Owen family. Albi is 7 years old, very talented and has a really lovely personality, so he's a joy to have on the yard.


We have now been together for two weeks and have been working hard to get to know each other and we have had a couple of trips out which have been successful. Firstly we went to one of our local BD venues just to see how he reacted in a new competition environment and he behaved like a star, so this weekend we came down to Keysoe for the BD Premier League and competed in the FEI Pony Team Test. Against a huge class I am delighted to report that Albi and I came home with a red rosette with one judge having given us almost 72%!!!!
We plan to compete at a few more Premier Leagues this summer so will keep you posted on our progress. Bye for now