The Perfect Dressage Silhoette!

Posted by admin on 10 October, 2014


The Childéric Silhouette Girth is a super stylish dressage girth, which has been designed to help solve the problem of saddles moving forward. Most saddles move forward because the build and movement of the horse is such that the girth cannot stay back and therefore wants to move and take with it the saddle!

Created to utilize the power and shape of the horse, this girth has been designed to help keep the girth and ultimately the saddle in the ideal place for the horse and rider. This girth also helps the even distribution of pressure even on a horse’s narrow girthing area.

The girth embraces good looks with performance through it's anatomically design. Featuring triple thick elasticated ends for excellent saddle stability and an ergonomic cut to ensure even distribution of pressure, the shape of the girth allows the girth to sit in the correct position, without catching the horse around the sensitive area behind the elbow and eliminating the possibility of trapping the muscles.

The girth can also be adjusted in width for a bespoke fit if required.

Short Girth Sizes: 45cm – 85cm

Long Girth Sizes: 110cm – 180cm

Prices start at £240.00

Colours: Irish, Black and Master