Pony Power

Posted by admin on 16 May, 2014

Finding a saddle for a dressage pony with huge movement and expressive paces used to be a challenge, but with the Childéric range of Pony Dressage Saddle – model D and DSC, riders can sit pretty and secure!

Created around Childéric’s unique tree technology, the Childéric Pony Dressage Saddles pay considerable attention to freedom of movement and comfort of the pony; thanks to it’s anatomically shaped panels and carefully positioned points. The further set back points coupled with the tree work together to allow the pony to move through it’s shoulder to ensure that quality of stride is never compromised. The French designed bespoke saddle can be built completely to the pony and rider’s requirements, including a variety of girth strap positions, which ensure that the pony is not restricted around this highly sensitive and venerable area. The refined panel shapes are also individually shaped to suit the anatomy of the pony being fitted with careful consideration to alleviating pressure points and wide soft panels distribute the rider’s weight evenly and kindly again, allowing for clearer communication between rider and pony. The rider is also carefully considered with entirely bespoke seat and saddle block options, ensuring that the saddle can be made to accommodate both the smallest and tallest of riders.

Fans of the saddle include renowned dressage pony stallion 14.1hh Rembrandt DDH, whose success under saddle just so happens to be Childéric. When it comes to ponies, Childéric certainly know how to celebrate pony power in style!


Available in seat sizes 15.5 to Tree Widths: Bespoke

Colours: Black, Master & Irish.  Calf or Buffalo

RRP: Prices start at £2700 The Childéric Pony Dressage Saddle is part of the growing pony collection across all disciplines