Safety in style!

Posted by admin on 3 February, 2015

Feeling secure and confident in your cross-country saddle should come as standard, but Childéric Saddles go one step further…

Childéric Saddles are completely bespoke to the horse and rider’s requirements to offer the ultimate in fit and performance. Amongst the huge array of tweaks they can include in your saddle design you can choose from different placed girth strap positions, refined panel shapes which dispel pressure points, sized and angled knee blocks and precision seat depths and sizes. These plus many more options available across their range of saddles ensure that both horse and rider are comfortable and able to perform to their very best.

For their event saddle collection, the focus on security in the saddle is further highlighted by the optional integrated airbag attachment on the pommel, which offers style without forgetting the importance of safety.

Their truly bespoke saddles also incorporates Childéric’s ‘Perfect Balance Philosophy’ which aims to keep the rider continuously in perfect balance and placed in the middle of the horse. This allows the rider the luxury of being able to adopt a variety of positions with ease: From galloping on the flat in a forward seat through to a secure position on landing after fences.


 For the main event this coming season, choose Childéric for a saddle, which ‘fits perfectly’ with you, your horse and your discipline!

Available in seat sizes 16 -19”

Tree Widths: Standard, Medium & Wide

Colours: Black, Master & Irish. Calf, Buffalo or Suede

RRP: Prices start at £3,200