Stuart Metcalfe knows the value of Childéric

Posted by admin on 6 October, 2015

Stuart-Metcalfe.jpgStuart Metcalfe is the Principal Advanced Instructor at the Yorkshire Riding Center and a champion of Childéric Saddles. An experienced rider and trainer, Stuart knows the value that riding in our saddles makes as he explains..

"Having trained a considerable number of riders, it is my opinion that for horse and rider the equipment that is used for their particular equestrian disciplines must produce the maximum performance possible.

The Childéric saddles do this, particularly the range of dressage saddles. They maximize on the horses potential through it's balance and movement as well as enabling the rider to feel very much at one with their horse.

The riders that I train who use a Childéric saddle have been amazed in the change in both horse and rider. Key points, being how the horses movement became much more expressive and how the rider, more balanced, is capable of providing the horse with better quality training"