Childéric UK

In 2010 Tricia agreed to become the distributor for the UK and set up Tricia Bracegirdle Limited, trading as TB Saddles and Childéric UK.

Tricia Bracegirdle is director of Childéric Saddles UK and senior Saddle Specialist with Luc Childéric Saddles.

Luc's range is an established favourite throughout Europe and America.  Tricia, a former event rider, is not only approved by Luc to fit and sell saddles in the UK but has added design input from her own wide experience.

Tricia understands how horses and riders work. Her in-depth knowledge and ability to relate to any rider at any level means she can give a unique service.

'When you're trying or buying a Childéric saddle, you're getting a part of me,' she says. 'My clients range from happy amateur to Olympian.  I'm passionate about achieving the best for every partnership.'

Whether you have a firm idea of what you want for you and your horse, have problems to solve or are simply looking for the best, she can help. And if you have no idea where to go, Tricia can put you on the right road.

Becky Moody, International Dressage Rider says

"As the horse develops in its training and becomes more uphill, Childéric Saddles allow the rider to remain in really good balance through the pelvis and so influence the horse in a relaxed and easy way with both seat and leg" 


This map shows you the areas our team cover. To get in touch with the relevant Childéric Team Member for your area - please see below: 

Tricia Bracegirdle 07886802553
Midlands, East, Ireland
Helen Dunning 07786796457
North, Scotland & North Wales
Laura Ferrier 07704 931770‬
South, South West, South Wales