Tricia Bracegirdle


Tricia has competed to intermediate level eventing, kept horses and run her own yard for many years.  She has worked in the  equine business sector for the past 20 years and knows the pressures of being a rider looking to succeed – and also of being a working mother!

Qualifying for Gatcombe Novice Champs (years ago!!) was a personal milestone and then to actually finish without disaster was the icing on the cake!!!  Dissatisfied with the security offered by the saddle she was using at the time, Tricia set about finding a new saddle which lead to a career change and then later on meeting Luc and look where we are!!

Tricia lives in Oxfordshire and has a team of experienced Childéric Saddle Specialists, distribution, marketing and PR people working with her. Tricia is a hands-on horsewoman who takes a holistic and synergistic approach to saddle fitting and sales and customer service, but there is no hard sell - thats one thing she is insistent upon with all her team.