Luc Childéric - Sellier

Luc Childeric has been making saddles since 1991. His range is an established favourite throughout Europe and America.

Who is Luc?

It is me, the man!! I am from a big family of six children. I used to ride. Started off studying to be an accountant and worked as an accountant for one year. My office was five rooms from the window, all I could see was the sky through a little window. I decided then I was not going to spend all my life in an office.


I left planning to work with horses. I had a friend who had a jumping yard and asked if I could work for him but he didn't need me. I found a job in Normandy working for a French saddle maker – I was there for 10 years selling saddles. There was no future for me with the company and the owner was 70 years old so I asked him if I could buy the company (this was 1989), he said no so I left. In the next 12 months their sales were reduced by 75%!!

For one year I worked with another company but did not enjoy it so in 1991 I decided to make and sell  my own saddle – did the research and sourced another workshop to make the Luc Childéric saddles for me. In 1993 I was asked to move on as we were becoming too competitive with each other. I started with one guy making the saddles and me selling them and then grew year after year.

I had learned everything about shape, balance and style from the first company I worked for. I always looked at the balance and wanted to understand how to improve the balance, contact and comfort of the horse.

You can copy the best saddle – copy is a big word, but it would always be a copy so I changed small things to improve the product. Each saddle has to have everything in harmony – seat, shape, stirrup bar placement, blocks panels etc, to have the best result. It has to ne the best – not just copied.

What is your ethos?

My ethos – Harmony I suppose. It's a feeling – I listen and watch everyone – you don't have to change so much on a saddle to make a big difference.

When did you first make the LC Tree?

It was for the first DAC in 1998 – seven years after I started – its still a best seller today.

What does Luc think is missed out in the art of saddle making today?

They don't have their own ideas. They don't understand the balance and harmony that makes a perfect saddle. I don't understand why people still buy a brand even though there are lots of problems reported about it. It seems they are just sold – they don't have good customer service, and don't want to be ahead in quality and technology.

Biggest selling point of a Luc Childéric Saddle?

Balance, contact and freedom of horse. Try it and you will understand it. When you try it you will see it is better for you and your horse.

If a horse could speak what would he say about Luc Childéric saddles?

Thank you – can I go back in the field now?!!

Thank you for keeping the rider still and me free to do the job you want me to do!

Better by design

Designed to work for your horse

    Designed from the inside out to improve your horse's comfort and ability produce his best work.

    All saddles are built on the unique Luc Childeric Technology tree, with set-back points to free up the horse's shoulders.

    Bespoke design features to optimize rider balance and stability thus making it easier for the horse.

    Adaptable over time to account for change in horses' shape and work.

•    The special design and adaptability of the foam panels means minimal risk of pressure points and greater adaptability.

     Foam panels do not change shape which means you can share the saddle with different horses without them changing shape.

Designed to work for you

•     Improve your riding position and hopefully help you achieve your dreams.

     You won't know what a Luc Childeric saddle can do for you until you ride in one. By helping you adopt a correct, balanced but not restricted position, it will allow you to move as little as possible whilst your horse moves as much as possible.

    The saddles are designed to create harmony between the rider and the horse - the rider is in the centre and this makes them more effective and the horse more comfortable.

•    When you ride on a Luc Childeric design, you will appreciate the close contact. You'll also feel that you have more saddle in front of you compared to many other brands. This is because you're sitting in the right place, which adds to your balance and security.

A choice of seat, flaps and blocks allows you to choose your own optimum combination.