Another Happy Customer Experience

Posted by admin on 27 January, 2017

We love to hear about your experiences riding in our saddles and so here to share the love is Childéric customer Sarah Skillin giving us the low down on why she loves riding in hers (This made us all very happy)'


Why do I LOVE my Childéric??

  Because it actually fits Theo! 
The time and attention that the team at Childéric took at assessing Theo’s shape, size and movement was really impressive – it was like a biomechanics lesson!

Then trying a selection of different styles to see what suited us both was really really interesting to see and feel the difference in his movement with each different style of dressage saddle.
From having a saddle that fits really well, we’ve now got improved straightness, more freedom through the shoulder and a lot more lift.

  Because it fits me! 
Before I’ve always just gone – I need an 18” to cope with my ample rump, and I like HUGE knee blocks.  However I’ve never actually considered whether those blocks were in the right place for me, or whether the seat was the right depth and how that seat was making me sit.

We tried a slightly more forward cut flap and nice big deep saddle – loved it.  Blocks were big enough to help me feel more secure and seat was super comfy.  We tried a flatter seat and smaller blocks – nope not for me, however Theo seemed to go quite well.

 Then came the one – the deeper seat that didn’t tip me too far forward, but also didn’t make me feel like I was sitting on the pommel.  The flaps were straighter but also with blocks that were in the right place for both my thigh and my knee.  So I sit straight, stiller and more confident, my leg is looser but secure and with all of this I have so much more balance and therefore my transitions are crisper, my mediums are bigger and my sitting trot is hugely improved.


  Because the Childéric team care
After sales is so so so important and the Childéric team totally get that. After a month or so I started to notice that the saddle was sitting a little low in front.  So a quick call to Tricia and the team fitted us into their busy schedule and made some subtle tweaks and changes to just lift us up a bit in front. 

It is so nice to have a team that care about their clients.

  Because they are sooooo pretty!
Looks shouldn’t be everything however, the Childéric saddles are simply gorgeous, end of!  We can even have orange piping and sparkles and if we want to take our dressage ‘matchy matchy’ to the extreme we can even have a handbag to match.

  Because they are so light weight 
When you are a larger lady weight is always a consideration and it is really nice to feel a lighter weight saddle, saving every pound for my poor ponies back.

So thank you Childéric for producing these fabulous saddles and here’s to being part of #TeamChildéric 


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