Are Saddles Worth It?

Posted by admin on 14 June, 2019

Saddles are not only a big investment but an expense that all riders, no matter what level will need to consider at some point. In this feature, we discuss why taking your time and choosing the right saddle for you and your horse is essential. Get the right saddle, and it is worth every penny.


Craftsmen making a Childeric Saddle

What Is Your Saddle Worth?

Your saddle is only worth the value it brings to you and your horse. If your saddle fits your horse and you correctly then it doesn't matter if it is a bespoke or off the peg fit. Owning a saddle that doesn't fit or work for you or your horse is worthless, regardless of how much it cost. However, if you want to refine your aids and get the best possible outcome under saddle, then a bespoke saddle could be a good option. Remember, the saddle won't make you or your horse, Gold medallists. The perfect fit does, however, make the difference if your horse is comfortable, has the freedom to move, and if you can sit in balance with your horse and use your aids more effectively. Small tweaks can make significant differences.

Tricia Bracegirdle, our MD & Team Saddle Technician, echoes that sentiment:

"I don't believe that any horse gets up in the morning and believes it wants a bespoke saddle. However, I do believe a horse wants to feel comfortable and able to move freely with a saddle on its back. A bespoke saddle can offer the difference between a good fit and the perfect fit."


Craftsmen making a Childeric Saddle

Are Saddles Expensive?

Saddles are expensive but why do saddles cost so much? We can't really comment on other saddle brands, but our saddles encompass a lot of time, craftsmanship and care. Our bespoke saddles are all made to order and built to the highest specification. Our saddles are crafted by artisan workers in France, with a line of specialists at each stage of the process to ensure perfection in attention and detail.

Customer Service Is Paramount

As all our customers will agree, our customer service and aftercare are second to none. We pride ourselves in building a business that actually cares about reputation and customer satisfaction. Our UK team ensure that your customer experience doesn't just end with the sale; we fit, check and support our customers throughout the saddle's life span. And we even help our customers sell their saddles should they sell their horse or decide to upgrade for a new saddle. Every step of the way, we are there. That service comes at a cost to us, but it does means that you have your own personal saddle fitting team to hand if you have any questions or need anything for the lifetime of that saddle.


Craftsmen making a Childeric Saddle

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