The Big Interview with Jennifer Johnston-Harman

Posted by admin on 4 December, 2019


Jennifer Johnston-Harman

Jennifer was born in Aberdeenshire and holds BHSI & UKCC3 qualifications.

Initially, Jennifer concentrated on eventing and competed up to Advanced level before heading into the world of dressage approximately 15 years ago. Every horse Jennifer has, arrived with her as a foal and has been produced solely by Jennifer. 

If you hadn’t been a rider which career path would you have taken?

- An Artist. I studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art after I finished I combined drawing and Painting with my riding for many years – until I got too busy!

Do you have a nickname or used to and if so what was/is it and why?

- I am known locally as JJ.

Are you addicted to anything?

- Yes! Hard work and young horses!

Which guests dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party?

- All of our friends who love around the world and who we don't see nearly enough of.

Best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you?

- My Mother always told me to be true to myself.

Best advice you have given or could give someone?

- Anything is possible- where there's a will there's a way.

Favourite meal and tipple?

- My husband's homemade Dahl and a gin and tonic.

If you could be invisible for the day what would you do?

- Sneak on a plane going somewhere hot.

What is your favourite programme and why?

- I love gritty dramas and am a big Netflix fan. I watch things 10 minutes at a time while having any coffee breaks I manage to grab.

Your favourite film and why?

- I can't remember! As soon as I've seen something it goes straight out of my mind.

Secret crush?

- My lovely husband- but I think he knows that so it's not a secret!

What’s your top training tip?

- Be obsessed with straightness and reaction to the leg aids.

Who do you most admire?

- Anyone who works hard and follows their dreams.

Last equestrian item you bought?

- Neoprene Wellies and replacement everyday headcollars.

What makes you cry?

- Everything sad. I even cry seeing other people be sad.

Who or what couldn't you live without?

- My human family and my fur family.

Which horse (dead or alive) would you love to own and why?

- I'd love a sit on Valegro- who wouldn’t?

Finally tell us what makes Childéric so special?

- "It’s not just the exquisite quality of the saddles that I love, but the versatility of the fits. I have many horses of all ages and stages of development and each needs careful consideration to find the best saddle for their ever changing shapes and way of going. The ongoing support that the Childeric team offer is second to none."

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