A Brilliant Badminton & Stolen Saddles

Posted by admin on 15 May, 2019

What a fantastic Badminton - a huge well done to Piggy French on her win and of course to all our own wonderful Childéric Ambassadors who competed.

A fantastic performance by Childéric Ambassador, Mike Ryan with his personal best at Badminton and an incredible rhythmical cross-country performance. Well done also to Gemma Tattersall who also made the top 20 and rode with considerable style. Great to see Jonty and Art out and about there too. We had a great day on the Wednesday watching the Young Event Horse classes and back again on the Saturday when the whole of team Childéric had a get-together from the excellent hospitality of ESNZ.

Now the competition is hotting up, we are busy planning our event calendar so make sure you check in again soon or follow us on Facebook for further updates. Also, now is an excellent time to get your saddle checked or if you are looking to try one of our saddles, contact our Team to book an appointment.

In other news, Stepping Stones was a huge success and well done to everyone who competed there - some superb partnerships both established in and in the making.  We are delighted to confirm that we will be supporting this brilliant event next year. We are also glad to be joining forces with Eland Lodge again this year.

On another note, one of our customers had their saddles stolen some time ago. Time had gone by and someone found a saddle for sale on e-bay and called us to find out more information – to see if it would suit them. The thieves thought they were clever because they had cut out the serial number on the flap of the saddle and turned the nameplate around on the cantle!! Not so clever – the serial number is on every part of the saddle!! Very easily traced. The information has all been passed onto the police we believe so maybe the thieves will think twice in future.  

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