A change of saddle and great progress!

Posted by admin on 21 November, 2017

Hi Everyone, 

Well Leo and I have been busy training over the last month or so, he's now back in full work and is both feeling and looking fabulous. 

We have spent the early autumn  taking time to review every area of input to ensure that we are both in the best physical shape to deliver our best in the 2018 season. This has included regular checks with Dengie reviewing Leo's diet which has needed a few changes given the increases in his work . 

Tricia also came to visit as she was keen to review how Leo responded to a different Childéric design, and to also check everything was still working for us given my recent growth spurt . At last I should add , think the growth button in my brain has been asleep for a while! 

Anyway , we worked together and tried a few options, I immediately felt a real difference when riding him in the Luc Childeric DGP Saddle  https://childericsaddles.co.uk/products/saddles/dressage/. It has a deeper seat, and is lovely and wide with set back points that gives his large front movement even more freedom and yet retained my wonderful Childeric feel through my seat as a rider. So after a couple of months assessing models and after a review with my trainer Andrew Fletcher we decided a permanent change to the Childéric DGP model was definitely of benefit to Leo's way of going and I am really delighted with the results.  As always, a huge thanks to Tricia and the Childéric UK team for their sponsorship and support. 


Leo has had his usual back checks and reviews and is in brilliant physical form ready for the spring season. 


For me the review has meant that I have now stepped up my own personal fitness training, my friend the very lovely Sophie Wells (the equestrian Paralympian) has assisted me and I now am spending time with her equestrian specialist personal trainer Darren Bettison every month and this has really helped me focus on my weaker areas.

I also have started some sports psychology sessions to help develop my own key focus areas , it has been really helpful so far. So suffice to say when not training we have still had a busy few weeks. 

Leo and I have made our first competitive trip out in 10 months, it was very exciting and Leo seemingly thought a little terrifying at the same time (who knew empty judges tables could be quite so terrifying?!!) Anyway, when not finding the whole thing uber exciting he was a star, and with a score of 69% including lots of errors, this gives us many areas to improve on so I am very excited for 2018. I have included a short clip from our test so you can see the freedom he has in his new saddle. 


Hope you like it, 

Till next time,


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