Childéric Junior Brand Champion Olivia Whitelaw writes..

Posted by admin on 4 November, 2016

In the first of a new series, Childéric Junior Brand Champion Olivia Whitelaw gives us an update on her latest news, as she starts Pony Prime Squad Training....

Leo and I have just returned from a great weekend attending the Pony Prime Squad training at the Unicorn Equestrian Trust.

We learnt masses under the watchful eye of our trainer Darryl Thickett, we were mainly continuing to work on our focus on developing the suspension in our trot work and getting balanced transitions into and then maintaining a rhythmical medium walk.... something Leo struggles with

IMG_4937-for-web.jpg IMG_4938-for-web.jpg


Leo had a review with the Team GB vet where he was measured and trotted up and I had a session with the Team GB physiotherapist . The team vet was pleased with Leo's condition and as he is young he said we will continue to see muscular growth and development over his back and hind legs so it's great to know that being part of the Childeric team Leo will have regular saddle fittings and changes to his saddle when its needed.

The physio was very pleased with my key muscles and strength, but I did have tension between my top rib and back of my neck which needed some work. I took away from the session not to scrunch up when sitting at my desk doing homework as this may have been one of the causes. I knew homework was bad for me !!

I spent a great deal of time just sitting and watching the other riders lessons, the whole weekend was a great opportunity to meet up with my old friends as well as to make some new friends, I learnt masses and I must thank the Team GB Pony Selectors for inviting Leo and I along to such great training.

Hope you like the pictures! Livi

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