Mike & Trish Ryan's Top Tips

Posted by admin on 7 May, 2019


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As we embark on the busy eventing season, we asked our eventing Ambassadors Mike & Trish Ryan for their top tips for the start of the season;

  • Make sure your paperwork is all up to date and correct. It's also a good time to check through all your gear including helmet and tack and make sure it all fits well. Saddle fitting is key at the start of the season, but also 8 weeks into the season to accommodate the physical changes in the horses.
  • Make a plan for each horse. Plan A is great but always have a Plan B as you may have to tweak aspects mid-season.
  • If you are planning to move up a level, the level you are already currently working at should be boring and not at all challenging for you and your horse. If this rings true, then it’s likely that you are both ready to move up.

Great advice from two of our top professional riders!

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