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Posted by admin on 13 July, 2017

Hi, Livi here, so so excited to share with you that the GB Pony selectors have selected Albi and I for two Internationals ,so July is becoming a very busy month !!!IMG_0988.PNG
First up we leave early next week with my pony rider colleague Charlie Grieve for the CDIP in Diepenbeek in Belgium, and then later in the month we are off to the forthcoming Hickstead CDI.

Since we heard it's been a whirlwind of ordering kit, getting the lorry ready for travel on the ferry, with even more bizarre things like...  getting a Belgian satellite system for their roads  .. who knew?!!

From a riding perspective I have been focusing and working closely with Equivisions to produce a music CD just in case we make it through to the International music class at either competition , this has led to my learning how to design a floor plan and picking music that matched his paces .. and I think Albi has enjoyed quite literally having no idea what was coming next when we were training!!

Also, really exciting news regarding Leo #firebreathingdragon , Leo has had a number of weeks of ridden walk work. Suffice to say that's what he was supposed to do, but in true Leo fashion he seemed to Piaffe and Passage his way around a little too much ! Leo's review at Newmarket with his surgeon went brilliantly and his trauma injury is now completely healed so he's now enjoying his first time in some months actually out in a small paddock getting to eat some grass. When I am back from Belgium we are then back to work and we hope to be back out competing at some point in the Autumn.

Will update you all soon on our travels , bye for now , Livi


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