Precision with perfection

Posted by admin on 3 March, 2017

Childéric Saddles UK introduces a new model to their range of bespoke and beautiful saddles with the Childéric DNL Saddle.

This dressage saddle is created around Childéric’s unique tree technology and pays considerable attention to freedom of movement and comfort of the horse: thanks to it’s anatomically shaped panels and carefully positioned points. The saddle also incorporates a ‘Y’ girth system, which introduces a new alternative girthing system to their collection.


International dressage rider Becky Moody rides one of her top horses in this model and says:

“This saddle allows the rider to remain in a really good balance through the pelvis and so influence the horse in a relaxed and easy way with both seat and leg.”

 The Saddlery brand, whose philosophy is to fit both horse and rider with an entirely bespoke approach to saddle design and fit, welcome the new model, which offers even more scope to fit with perfection and with precision.

Available in seat sizes 15.5 to Tree Widths: Bespoke

Colours: Black, Master & Irish.  Calf or Buffalo

RRP: Prices start at £3,900

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