Rider Tips to get your through these Winter Blues

Posted by admin on 9 January, 2019



Happy New Year and we hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

To blow those winter blues away here are a few of our fabulous riders’ top tips to get you through those dark, cold days ahead!

“Insulated breeches and down to the knee coat - I used to suffer with HORRENDOUS chilblains, but since using both I haven’t had any at all! 

- Becky Moody, Dressage Rider


“Don’t slow down enough to get cold!!! Make sure you give your horses a longer warming up period as well!!! Winter breeches and gloves are a must!!!” 

- Henry Boswell, Dressage Rider


“All I dream of in the Winter is a roof to go over the School.... but back in the real world any gloves that will truly keep my hands Warm and to keep a yard full of lovely horses to keep me happy.”

- Antonia Brown, Dressage Rider


“What helps make me it though the winter...? Hot water bottle!!! Can’t teach without one”.

- Nikki Bream, Dressage Rider


“Last year I invested in a long waterproof coat a thick duvet coat and good boots.  Don’t think I would have made it through without.  This year I think I could go with so many of the comments but got to be a holiday in the sun then crack on to find a new pony for me to enjoy. “

- Julie Blanchard, Dressage Rider


“Winter is a great time to reflect on the season and put a plan and goals  for next season .Also, a time for breaking in the younger horses, show-jumping and dressage training. To survive I am going on holiday to Australia teaching and visiting family and friends over Christmas.

Best advice after last year’s big freeze:

Check your water pipes are sufficiently lagged to avoid them bursting after a freeze. As all ours did last year. “

- Clare Valender Event Rider



“Surviving winter def means going away! Currently in Florida on a ‘bus mans’ holiday teaching and relaxing. Proper holiday booked to Goa over Christmas. I will be doing plenty of SJ with some of my young jumpers and Eventers, plus some dressage training.”

- Gemma Tattersall Olympic Eventer



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