Riding the Lite Fantastic at Badminton

Posted by admin on 16 April, 2018

When it comes to having the edge against your competitors this season, the Childéric Lite Event Saddle brings together a revolutionary lightweight design with innovation.

Available in their popular single flap models, the new lightweight version has been remodelled to remove 4kg of weight by striping the saddle back to the bare minimum, without compromising on both horse and rider comfort and Childéric performance.

Built around the unique Childéric tree technology, the saddle also features anatomically shaped panels and has been built explicitly for the cross-country phase.

Fans of the 'Childéric Lite' design include top eventer Gemma Tattersall, who will be riding in the saddle at Badminton:

"It's such a lovely close contact lightweight saddle, and I just love riding in it. It fits the horses beautifully but is also tailor-made to fit me which helps with my position and balance. Combined with the fact that the horse is free and comfortable to do his job, this means we can perform at our very best, every time."

As with the entire Childéric Saddle Collection, the Lite Models are entirely bespoke to both
horse and rider.


Prices start at £4,500.00

A Demi-Lite version of the saddle is also available and designed for everyday use.

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