The Big Interview with Charlotte Lassetter

Posted by admin on 13 February, 2020


Charlotte Lassetter is a dressage rider and trainer based in South of England. Over the years Charlotte has helped young riders go onto achieve their dressage dreams with many competing up to Grand Prix and at young Rider Europeans. Charlotte rode internationally small and big tour in UK and Europe and continues to love coaching and enjoys competing when she gets the time.

If you hadn’t been a rider which career path would you have taken?

- Physiotherapist probably although I would miss the outdoors, or a chef!

Do you have a nickname or used to and if so what was/is it and why?

- I’ve been known as Char for years except when I am in trouble and then it becomes Charlotte!

Are you addicted to anything?

- Not really, maybe good black coffee.

Which guests dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party?

- The obvious one is David Attenborough. 

- My parents who are no longer alive - I have loads of questions.

- Robin Williams for his humour.

- Freddie Mercury.

Best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you?

- Someone said as it is Childeric I should say “stay in the saddle”

- Perseverance is probably the biggest talent you can have. 

Best advice you have given or could give someone?

- Again persevere, enjoy the journey with your horse because it is not always straightforward

Favourite meal and tipple?

- Hate to say it but salad! Tipple? A good gin and tonic

If you could be invisible for the day what would you do?

- Get inside the White House and watch Donald Trump.

What is your favourite programme and why?

- Don’t really have one, but Things like Spooks, Masterchef the Professionals.

Your favourite film and why?

- Lots of different ones for different reasons but at the moment “Ride like a Girl”.

Secret crush?

- No idea and certainly not admitting to my childhood crush!

What’s your top training tip?

- Keep doing your homework and at shows remember it is too late to change issues in the training - that is ‘homework’, just concentrate on earning those marks from the judges keeping a cool head.

Who do you most admire?

- Carl Hester, Isabell Werth, and Ginny Leng. 

Last equestrian item you bought?

- Overreach boots they keep getting lost in the mud. 

What makes you cry?

- I try not to cry but I can sympathy cry if someone cries from happiness and obviously losing someone or an animal close to you is very sad. 

Who of what couldn't you live without?

- Family and friends and the whole team of people that keep our horses ticking, warm clothes and boots, Jules who runs the yard and my Childéric saddles!

Which horse (dead or alive) would you love to own and why?>

- Stroller, Blue Hors Matine (loved her ears).

Finally tell us what makes Childéric so special?

- “Everything! They are beautifully made saddles that are comfortable designed to put you in a good, effective position and for the horse’s comfort and giving him the best chance to move athletically. When I first came across Childeric I was in despair as to what to do next to get a saddle that fits properly. So, it was a huge relief to find a team of people that are passionate about getting it right. Their customer support is second to none.”

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