Pré Aimé - Prêt-à-Porter

Pre Loved - Ready To Go

For many reasons people prefer to choose a pré aimé saddle - timing, cost, preference. 

We always have a good range in stock that we have part exchanged or used as demo saddles. We are as happy to come to do a demo for a pré aimé saddle as a new saddle. 
We do not charge for these appointments.
From time to time we have requests from customers to sell their saddle for them.

Your Childéric Saddle Specialists in the UK are happy to take saddles that clients are wanting to sell and if, whilst out doing demos and talking to customers, we can match the saddle with a rider horse, we will do so. For this we will charge 30% commission.

If you are wanting to sell the saddle yourself privately then please do contact us for more exact information about your saddle and a price guideline and of course buyers can do the same if they are considering buying a saddle privately. We would always recommend a buyer having their saddle checked by one of our specialists - we charge £80 a visit - and our saddles can be refitted for the horse if necessary at the time or in the future. 


Here’s a selection of saddles we currently have available for sale.

All can be altered to be bespoke for your horse.

Arrange for a demo with one of our specialists – no charge – no obligation.

January 2020 offer – each pre-loved saddle comes with an appropriate girth.

Click on the saddle to make an enquiry about it.