Junior Promise

Buying a saddle is always a big investment but buying a saddle for a child is even bigger as the child grows up, so they grow out of their saddle!

Childéric Saddles are now offering junior riders (Under the age of 16 years) the opportunity to replace their Childéric saddle as they grow out of it for a brand new saddle at the cost of just £800.00.

The bespoke saddles are always fitted to both rider and horse, highlighting the importance of getting the perfect fit for both, so as the child grows, his or her proportions outgrow the design of the saddle, as Senior Saddle Technician Tricia Bracegirdle explains: "As a mother I know how quickly children physically develop and also how expensive this is!

For parents who invest in their children's choice of sport, offering this new option gives them peace of mind that as, if and when their children outgrow their Childéric saddle, we will replace it with another completely bespoke saddle fitted specifically again to their child and pony"



Terms and conditions for Junior Promise Offer

Applies to new saddles purchased for under 16 year old children from 1/1/14 onwards. We will exchange the saddle for a new/newer saddle that will fit the hold up to their 16th birthday.No restrictions on what type of saddle we swap it for, just has to be a Childéric. The cost of this will be just £800 plus any extras, i.e. ping,crystals etc. If the pony/horse has been changed or changed shape/size we will still be able to do the usual panel refit for £280 plus shipping and call out. In this instance there is no need to exchange the saddle unless the seat size is too big for the new pony. The saddle we take back must have only usual wear and tear - repair costs will be quoted for on top of the exchange. Accessories are not included in the exchange.