'Childéric offer the ultimate in bespoke saddles, fitting the perfect saddle for both horse and rider. Our mission is to sit the rider still and in balance and to allow the horse the freedom to move. Our experience with para riders, including Heather Bennett reflects our ethos that every rider and horse should be able to enjoy their time in the saddle, regardless of their level or physical ability'

Caroline Smail, aspiring amateur dressage rider and Childéric client says

"In the new saddle the leg is totally supported by the back block, so stays completely still which is incredible! It puts me in the perfect position and I can sit my horse's trot without bouncing up and down like I'm on a trampoline. It is like I have been given my leg back and although I will never be pain free I have the least amount of pain when I'm in that saddle, so much so that I am considering having it in the house to sit on when I paint, and watch TV!"

Teal Recommends Childéric

I have acetabular retroversion and dysplasia which causes reduced mobility in my hips. I never thought it would be possible to sit straight in the saddle, until I found Childéric UK.

The seat enables me to sit up without forcing my hips wider, meaning I am not crippled over in pain, as I was before.

I cannot recommend Childéric highly enough.

The following two photos demonstrate how Senior Technician Tricia Bracegirdle improved Teal's sitting posture by designing a bespoke Childéric Saddle.

This is Teal in June 2015


and this is Teal in September 2015!!