Junior Champions

Below you can see some of our junior brand champion riders.

  • Olivia Oakeley

    Olivia Oakeley

    'Childeric saddles are beautiful, put you, as a rider, in a fantastic balance, allowing for your horse to move freely underneath you, resulting in a look of complete elegance and harmony. I absolutely love my saddle.. And so do my horses!'

  • Olivia Whitelaw

    Olivia Whitelaw

    "I absolutely adore my Childéric saddle, it really allows Leo to freely express his paces and release his shoulder movement, whilst being super comfy for me to ride in. Having ridden in a variety of saddles when training other peoples ponies, I can really say there is nothing on the market with the comfort and seat of my Childéric, I am very excited to be attending the Pony Prime Squad training next weekend it seems almost unbelievable that having had Leo only for a year, and with him being so young we have made it up to the Pony Prime Squad training already - With so much depth of talent across this years selected Pony Prime and Progress Squad and reserve combinations it’s a very exciting time for our sport, and so we are looking forward to training hard over the winter and getting ready for an exciting season in 2017 where we hope to do Team Childéric proud."

  • Sophie Taylor

    Sophie Taylor

    "I feel so much closer to the horse, but still feel I can move in them. All the ponies seem to move more freely and the support from the Childéric team is amazing and very knowledgeable." Photography credits as per watermark: Lukasz Kowalski

  • Megan Barrett

    Megan Barrett

    "Star was able to move 10 x bigger and he’s is so free through his shoulders now. It also allows me to open up my seat and hips more.”