Childéric Ambassadors

Here are some of our 'high profile' riders that you will see in the press and at International competitions.

  • Caroline Powell

    Caroline Powell

    Caroline says .. "I use Childéric Saddles on all the horses for dressage and jumping. I enjoy working with Tricia – she really cares about me, my job "and my horses. Nothing’s ever too much for her."

  • Becky Moody

    Becky Moody

    'The saddles are beautifully made, and they really 'allow' the rider to sit in the right way. They are very adaptable and can be made to fit even awkwardly shaped horses well. Tricia's knowledge and attention to detail fill me with confidence that the saddle I get will allow me and my horse to perform at our best'

  • Heather Bennett

    Heather Bennett

    Childéric Saddles fit all my horses which make me balanced and secure. Photo Kevin Sparrow

  • Austin O'Connor

    Austin O'Connor

    A top international eventer and trainer based Attington Sport Horses establishment,Thame, Oxfordshire. The Olympic eventer is both a well respected rider and trainer. “The saddles fit each horse so beautifully and allow them to move with total ease, whilst giving the rider such a secure feel in the saddle” Austin O’Connor & Attington Sport Horses:

  • Gemma Tattersall

    Gemma Tattersall

    Gemma says .... "
I feel that the extra balance they give me and the extra freedom they give my horses will make Childéric Saddles a big factor in maximising my performance."

  • Fiona Bigwood

    Fiona Bigwood

    "I love Childéric Saddles and my Grand Prix mare is doing amazingly at her competitions, the freedom in her back and paces is so good. They are lovely to sit in as a rider, I couldn't want more from a saddle' Photo: John Stroud

  • Anthony Condon

    Anthony Condon

    I use Childéric Saddles because they are allow my horses to be free whilst enabling me to be comfortable, balanced and close. I have noticed a huge difference in my horses performances as well as my physio being delighted with the condition of them too.

  • Jonty Evans

    Jonty Evans

    "Childeric have allowed me to ride in a better position, this has helped develop my balance both in dressage and particularly jumping across country. I feel that my balance has improved enormously since I started riding in them – I am also delighted with how my horses feel under them – they love them"

  • Henry Boswell

    Henry Boswell

    "As a rider, I can feel a big difference in my horses: They feel looser and straighter with more swing in the trot. The design of the saddles enables the shoulder to be free and the back soft and through. I love them and so do my team and the horses."

  • Anders Dahl

    Anders Dahl

    "The saddles have helped my horses reach the top of their sport. They are designed to maximize the horses performance."

  • Adam Haugh

    Adam Haugh

  • Lee Maher

    Lee Maher

  • Katie Pytches

    Katie Pytches

    "The attention to detail combined with quality and a happy friendly team sets Childéric Saddles apart."

  • Sara-Jane Lanning

    Sara-Jane Lanning

    "Childéric offers amazing quality and the attention to the correct fit of not only the horse but equally importantly the rider!"

  • Antonia Brown

    Antonia Brown

    "Beautiful, well made and comfortable saddles. They help the riders position and give the horses freedom to move. Because the quality of the leather is so good, the saddle feels fantastic from Day 1, when they are brand new, unlike so many others."

  • Trish & Mike Ryan

    Trish & Mike Ryan

    "The saddles are so comfortable and easy to ride in. We also love the fact that Tricia is so hands on and if there is something you need, she is always there to help."